A while ago I uploaded a video called “Coinbase vs. Coinbase Pro”. I noticed that there were quite a few questions that I had failed to address in the video, so I’ll try my best to do that now.

Here are the questions collected from the YouTube comments:

Thanks, for…

A while back I started a new segment on my website called: “income report”. I never quite followed up on that, so I would like to take another swing at the issue today.

I will try to be as honest and transparent as possible — realizing the inherent risk and…

Some say it was meant to be.
How do you know when it is?

On days like these, rays beaming, laying in the park.
My head in her lap, sensing the subtle whisps of her breath on my face.
And all is still, yet just as it should be.
And I, then, not…

How deep can we go before we end up back at the top?

Eventually, life always finds a way, but it may be a very different one from the one we had imagined. Perhaps, then, the key is not being attached to the outcome but to enjoy the process. …

What do you want? What is it?
Complete surrender? Entering the void without any fear.

Fine, you got me.
Here I stand, naked, alone.
And yet there is some primal nature no one can ever take away.
Step into the void with complete confidence and nothing bad can happen.

Trust. In the universe, myself, God, Nature, you.
And all are trying to say the same thing:
That what feels true to you can never be wrong.
Never, never, never.
But you may have to go to the end of this world to find it.

Serenity with what is, curiosity for what will be.
That is all you need.

Life will find a way.
Life always finds a way.
Life always finds a way.

What else is there?

The question is whether you trust in life and yourself.
Which is basically the same thing.

And perhaps once the trust is established the answers will come from within.
Let’s connect to the stream of human events and evolve on. …

Old souls outside the window
and in my backyard.
I usually pass by without notice, but today
I stopped.
Hi, is everything alright — I said.
Yes -
Stumbling on on gravel roads — Thanks.

The rest passed in stillness
My only companion — the moon.
But only half
judging me from afar
like you know what it’s like to be a human being on this earth?

He smiles at me
and I smile back.

So, I’m sitting here doing deep work.
At least that’s what I tell myself.
Perhaps deep work actually requires more than just sitting still for prolonged periods of time.

Is writing deep work?
Is thinking?
What is?

And what does all of it matter without her?
Perhaps someday I will understand the meaning of all this and it will be like reading about my own life and face-palming my former self. Not unlikely.

Then, if experience trumps all else I should be the wiser for it.
I don’t feel that wise though.
Maybe whisky will help but probably not.

Girls are like fine wine on a summer’s eve.
If you drink too much the flavor gets lost.
And the bottom of the bottle appears.
But that doesn’t mean we should never drink; what a waste!

Death is the light by which the shadow of all of life’s meaning is measured. Only by facing our own mortality, we can truly appreciate our life. Or as Mark Twain once said:

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

If we truly want to value something, we necessarily must reject something else. This goes for hobbies, friends, and romantic partners.

Boundaries are necessary for every kind of relationship. In healthy relationships, each partner solves their own problems so both partners can support each other. When partners, co-workers, or friends try to solve each other’s problems and expect the other person to do so, this usually leads to bad outcomes (like the Hindenburg):

Marvin Allen

Writing from the heart.

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